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Whether you're moving to another city and/or state or across town, whether you're upsizing or downsizing, advertising your home via the "Sell by Swaps" method may be the perfect solution for you. Bear in mind that this option will only work if you are ready and

willing to consider a swap -- I'll buy your house, if you buy mine - with a likeminded swapper. This option will not cost you a dime until your ideal match has been found, so why not give it a try?


The example below illustrates how a match is made between two homeowners living in two different cities/states, who may need to move to a new city, due to job transfer.

An example of a local swap would be a retired couple interested in downsizing and moving from a larger house in the suburbs to a smaller house or condo in the city, while a young married couple with children desire to move to a larger home in the suburbs.

Two individuals may simply want to move from one part of town to another. There is no right or wrong way to use the "Sell By Swaps" method, as long as there are two ready and willing swappers, willing to buy each other's homes.

Bob lives in Nashville, TN and finds a job in Dallas, TX and needs to start his new job in November of 2014. Bob owns a 3 bedroom, 2000 Sqft House, currently appraised at $200,000 per most recent tax records. Bob's house was built in 1998.

Jane lives in Dallas, TX and finds a job in Nashville, TN and she needs to start her new job in October of 2014. Jane owns a 3 bedroom 2200 Sqft House, with a market value of $220,000 per the latest comparative market analysis of her property. Jane's house was built in 1995.

Present Situation
Bob Jane
City Nashville Dallas
Bedroom 3 Bedroom 3 Bedroom
Size 2000Sqft 2200Sqft
Year Built 1998 1995
Home Price $200,000 $220,000
Job Starts in Nov-12 Oct-12
New Job at Irving (12 Miles to Dallas) Franklin (8 Miles to Nashville)

Bob needs a 3 bedroom house within 15 miles from Irving, Texas where his job is. The house can be 1900-2300 Sqft in size, and built preferably after 1992. His price range is $190,000 to $230,000 for the ideal house. His flexibility to move is between October 2014 and December 2014.

Jane needs a 3 bedroom house within 10 miles from Franklin, Tennessee where her job is. The house can be 2000-2500 Sqft in size, and built preferably after 1990. Her price range is $200,000 to $250,000 for the ideal house. Her flexibility to move is between August 2014 and November 2014.

Matching Criteria
Bob Jane
City Dallas Nashville
Bedroom 3 Bedroom 3 Bedroom
Sqft Range 1900 - 2300 2000 - 2500
Year Built 1992 - New 1990 - New
Home Price $190,000 - $230,000 $200,000 - $250,000
Date Range 10/2014 - 12/2014 8/2014 - 11/2014
Distance Up to 15 Miles from Irving Up to 10 Miles from Franklin

Based on the above criteria and information provided, Bob and Jane's profiles match perfectly - from the city, to the number of bedrooms, to the size of the house, the age of the property, the price range, the date of availability, and an acceptable distance from a specific zip code, all make this an ideal swap match.

In this scenario Bob will appear in Jane's queue, and Jane will appear in Bob's queue as a match, and both will be notified via email and/or SMS (standard rates apply to all text messages) when such a match is identified by SellBySwaps.com.

Bob and Jane will have a chance to review one another's online listing, and if both are interested in moving forward, they will go through a two-step confirmation/acceptance process. Upon the final confirmation, Bob and Jane will each be prompted to pay a nominal "finder's fee" (1/5th of a percent of their respective listing price) to SellBySwaps.com. Upon receipt of payment, both parties will receive an email with full contact information of their fellow swapper. At this point the job of SellBySwaps.com is done, and it is the responsibility of the parties to initiate contact and further evaluate the possibility of a swap.

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