Sell By Swaps

In the "Sell by Swaps" method ("swapper") two simultaneous events will occur:

  • You will create and publish your property listing to find a buyer
  • And you will create a "search agent" through our easy to use wizard, so that may find you homes that meet your criteria based on location, price, size, and date of availability

Essentially the way this particular model works is that you agree to sell your home, and buy one at the same time from the person who buys yours.

This method will only work if you are an enthusiastic seller, willing to consider such a swap with a like-minded swapper elsewhere. Simply put, if you are interested in buying someone's home, as they are interested in buying yours based on mutual matching criteria, then this may be the perfect option for you.

This functionality is what differentiates us from all of our competitors. Think of us as the real-estate cupid. We will use the power of our engine to find you the best and the most suitable match based on your criteria.

This method is neither ideal, nor permissible if:

  • You are only looking to sell your home, and are not interested in buying
  • You are only looking to buy a home, and have no home to sell

Sell by Swaps is a closed and private method of advertisement. It will not be searchable on the website, and your listing will not be visible to anyone outside of your matches. You will not be able to share this listing through social media widgets, or export PDF flyers to distribute.

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One of the benefits of this method is that you have no up-front costs, and you will be able to sign up as a swapper for free. No payments will be required or collected until your ideal match has been found.

Based on the information about your house, and your criteria, we will find you all available matches, and your queue of matches will grow as new homes get listed. Amongst all matches available, if you are interested in a particular property, and if the owner of that property is interested in yours, both you and your potential match will go through a series of processes to ensure that you are both indeed interested in a possible swap. Once both parties have confirmed, will collect a nominal finder's fee, equivalent to 1/5th of a percent of each swapper's listing price, and your contact information will then be shared with one another.

*Please note that upon mutual confirmation by both parties, all fees are non-refundable

Pricing Sample

Here is a sample of what the potential savings could be for different prices ranges using our powerful Sell by Swaps engine. Regardless of what your price range is, we will save you over 96% in agent fees.

Home Price Agent Fee 6% Our Fee 0.2% Savings
$75,000 $4,500.00 $150.00 $4,350.00
$200,000 $12,000.00 $400.00 $11,600.00
$350,000 $21,000.00 $700.00 $20,300.00
$500,000 $30,000.00 $1,000.00 $29,000.00
$700,000 $42,000.00 $1,400.00 $40,600.00
$1,000,000 $60,000.00 $2,000.00 $58,000.00

Payment Method

Our customers' security is of greatest importance to us here at With that in mind, after careful consideration we have selected PayPal as our primary payment processing gateway.

Using PayPal will provide our customers a great deal of flexibility to use most major credit cards, debit cards, or even their bank account, to make fast and secure payments, without ever sharing their financial information with

To learn more, and to sign up for a PayPal account, please visit